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Artist's Statement

My initial emotional response to the relationship of parts within such diverse settings as landscape, cityscape, or inert abstract objects provokes the beginning of a new work. From this initial inspiration, I might begin with some experimentation in selecting medium, coloration, and texture which strike me as most appropriate for the subject or idea. I then begin to develop images by modification, selection or rejection and sometimes, as part of the process, I change my mind about the direction I’m going. As I continue to work, I tend, somewhat unintentionally, to let the piece itself, whether it is in paint or mixed media, lead me in a direction that suggests movement or an emotion. I believe that my abstract pieces, as well as my representational landscapes, tend to imply motion and or organic material.

I have an undeniable attraction to the natural landscape, especially the more rugged vistas prevailing in high altitude locations, and this appeal frequently is reflected in my choice of subject matter, although I also am drawn to the kaleidoscopic nature of city views, especially those in San Francisco. However, I’m particularly inspired by the work of the Abstract Expressionists, particularly that of Helen Frankenthaler.

Because of its tactile and viscous quality, oil paint has tended to remain my favorite medium, although I also work in acrylic, collage, mixed media, and watercolor. I enjoy the unpredictability of working over textured surfaces or incorporating found objects. I work in any or all of these media simultaneously and become absorbed by whichever medium and style I am currently using on a project.


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